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Frequently Asked Questions!!

A. is a Remote clinical service, you can access Our Board Certified doctors from your home, office. Our physicians can treat non-emergency medical issues by phone or secure video and they will diagnose your symptoms and send prescriptions to your pharmacy of your choice If necessary.

A. Remote Clinical Service is the delivery of health care services and health care related information using technology and software that can allow for communication beween patients and helthcare providers and even healthcare providers exchanging imformation to provide better access to healthcare services.

A. It is not always easy or convenient for patients to get help for their health care needs. The purpose of of Remote Clinical Service is to improve the opportunity to get healthcare closer to home, in a convenient location, and more timely way. is another option for receiving care form a provider. The benefit fo Remote Clinic is less waiting and travel time, and time away from work or other priorities.

A. Please goto Register/Login tab on menu bar and register as a member, its free of cost.

A. Patient will be able to select a doctor after registration

A. Yes, Please goto providers on menu bar and click Our providers, you can see the list of our experts.

A. You can pay through any major Debit/Credit cards.

A. Yes, you can request an oppintment with your convenience.

A. Yes, you can add your family members under your membership profile.

A. Yes, a user will be able to login through all devices, and also you can download our (ios & Android) apps.

A. No, there is no membership fee.

A. offers 1) Genaral Health cost $60.00 per visit     2) 2nd Opinion cost $175.00 per visit

A. Medication may be prescribed on a case by case basis per physician discretion. We do not prescribe controlled substances.

A. There is a separate registration page on the site to register as a physician. Please goto provider on menu bar then click on Become a Provider.